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Labrador Inuit Art - Stone Carving

Inuit Stone Carving

Labrador Inuit stone carvers chisel out magnificent images depicting the unique Inuit spirit and culture. Tales of the hunt, the hunter and the hunted, are etched in large and small sculptures. Harnessing the Inuit traditions through carvings has been passed down from generation to generation. The Inuit traditionally carved for practical needs, such as an oil lamp; or they carved to capture a legend or a hunting tale of their own. Today’s artists rekindle the “old” ways and integrate them with the “new”. Their sculptures are in demand far beyond the once remote and isolated land of Labrador.

The smooth black soapstone, green serpentine, sparkling labradorite and many other stones spin out the movements and habitats of magnificent whales, seals, bears, and other animals and birds. The Inuit artist will travel by small boat or skidoo miles just to collect the perfect stone. Through the raw stone, the artist will reflect on the wisdom of their elders and on the joys and hardships of their people and visualize the animals in motion. Then chiseled, sanded and polished stones come alive!
Inuit Stone Carving Inuit Stone Carving